Monday March 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Nilima Bhat

Shakti Leadership: Masculine and feminine powers.


Nilima Bhat is a facilitator of personal transformation, who coaches individuals and organisations in their quest for conscious evolution. A conference speaker and international trainer on organisational culture, conscious business, women in leadership and self-awareness for a balance between work and personal life, Nilima has spent 10 years at the head of communications and public relations for major corporations. 

A graduate of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai in life sciences and biochemistry and a yoga teacher at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, she has co-founded a professional dance company whose mission is to demystify Indian dance and spiritual sciences for international audiences.


The night from March 4 to 5, called the Night of Shiva, Maha Shivaratri, is an important event in India during which the concepts of transformation and growth are celebrated. Nilima Bhat, while passing through France, will celebrate this occasion in our company through a two-part workshop/conference: 

- Shakti leadership, explained in the works of Joseph Campbell and Maureen Murdock about the maiden voyage of the hero and heroine, applied to the current concepts of leadership, business and privacy. 

- In the second part, Nilima will create a collective experience in a dialogue and inclusion circle around genders. 

This unique conference will be given in English and translated live.

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Thursday June 13, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Hervé Franceschi

Enjoyment as a performance booster.


Hervé Franceschi is a computer and training network engineer, having graduated from IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School with an MBA in Business Administration with international option. A former business leader, certified coach and master practitioner in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis since 2004, he is also a mental coach for top-level athletes. A creator of several businesses for 20 years, he has run training workshops since 2004, as well as conferences for French and foreign companies, notably in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Every year, he coaches and mentors around fifty entrepreneurs. He is the current president of the French Association of Professional Conference Speakers (AFCP), a member of the Global Speaker Federation (GSF) and co-author of "L’Entreprise Humaniste" (The Humanist Business) published by Ellipses (2012).


Are you aware of the performance that you can accomplish through enjoyment? How emotions work? What produces enjoyment in our brain? How top-level athletes use it? Hervé Franceschi will explain to us the working of emotions and feelings in order to apply them positively from day to day and increase enjoyment in our activity. Lastly, he will give us the keys to a six-day challenge for rediscovering happiness and enjoyment in our everyday life. After all, what is preventing us from being happy? Let's decide today to be happy... because it is good for our health!

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Thursday October 3, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Alexandre Gérard

Did you say liberation?


Conference speaker, co-facilitator of Innov-On, director of Chronoflex… As many hats as talents for Alexandre Gérard, initiator of the liberation of his company after having been badly affected by the economic crisis. It is through the writings of Isaac Getz and the conferences of Jean-François Zobrist that he decided to fully rethink the managerial equation of his business. Performance through happiness then becomes the basis for collective action. 

His TedXTalk conferences, results and acclaimed book, "Le Patron qui ne voulait plus être chef", make Alexandre Gérard a key player in the world of liberated companies. He continues to share his experiences and assists business leaders who are committed to the movement of liberated companies.


The liberated company, many speak of it, yet many oversimplify it. 

Alexandre and his team have decided to go and meet with these companies in order to gain a better understanding of how they had got there and to see their real everyday life. We will attend the screening of the whole of their documentary, built around seven chapters in order to discover the before, during and after of this managerial philosophy. 

After the screening, Alexandre will host in person a debate and will use reflection exercises in collective intelligence about the potential of transforming company's structures into presence.

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Thursday December 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Alexandre Jost

Happiness at Work.


Alexandre Jost, co-founder of La Fabrique Spinoza, is the inspirer of happiness at work and consultant for the transformation of organisations.

A graduate of École Centrale Paris, then of U.C. Berkeley in industrial engineering, he came to San Francisco and started working at Mars & Co, a consultancy firm specialising in strategy, starting off in Brazil, then in Mexico and England before returning to France. Called by his search for meaning, he went to work for Groupe SOS, a non-profit organisation of 7,000 employees working in the social, medical and health services. He then co-founded La Fabrique Spinoza in late 2010, a political think-tank with the aim of introducing well-being within organisations through the creation of L’Université du Bonheur au Travail (The University of Happiness at Work), conferences and training workshops.


Alexandre Jost will explore happiness within organisations through this conference. The positive business model will be set out here, an organisation basing its performance on two fundamentals: the happiness of its employees and their performance.

More than current practices and emerging technologies, and after having widely discussed enjoyment with Hervé Franceschi, Alexandre will specifically focus on happiness. Is it measurable? How to glean the very essence of it? Is it applicable? So many questions will be answered with answers which favour an optimistic and realistic vision of modern enterprise. 

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