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Cycle «Exile»

Invested in managerial transformation and collective intelligence, we invite you to a cycle of inspiring conferences open to all.

Proof by example


in giving
a sense
to projects

It's our "raison d'être".

Because we profoundly believe that pleasure drives all choices, both in our professional and private life.

It is by making pleasure a priority at every moment that we excel in order to create and forge a special corporate culture together.

Giving a sense of meaning in order to create desire. Because desire is a strong driving force behind our actions. Because we wish to leave a trace by means of our realizations, the story that we are writing with our partners, the journey of life that we embark upon together.

Our culture
We combine an ensemble of integrated skills
among the most extensive in our industry
Branding & space design
Digital signage
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Our creative and craftsmanship talents are spread
through several structures
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That's how it's done!
Our realizations
InterContinental Carlton Cannes

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The company in the face of transparency

Society's aspirations for more transparency are inscribed in the logical sequence of combat that individuals have been waging for more than two centuries to free themselves from a traditional order founded on secrecy and hierarchy. Applied in the company, transparency is not necessarily to tell all but to be sincere at least when given the floor in order to regain the confidence of customers as well as employees.

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A responsible approach

Having an innovative and coherent CSR approach has been a predominant element of our strategy for many years. By emphasizing societal, social and environmental values, the Exhibit Group has seen its efforts rewarded from 2016 onwards by being awarded two CSR trophies.

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An unprecedented volume of LED panels

Our technical means in digital are expanding considerably!

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Exil magazine

The Exhibit Group launches it Exil magazine, dedicated to the immaterial frontiers of the group.

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The 4 Toltec covenants

Four major principles to apply in life day in and day out.

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