The four Toltec covenants offer a powerful code of conduct that let us appreciate the world in all serenity and offer the opportunity to quickly transform our lives into an experience of freedom, true happiness and love. 

Here is a quick summary with the aim of, if you do not know the precepts, arousing your curiosity.

Speak with impeccability.

Speak with integrity, only say what you think. Do not use harsh words against yourself, nor slander others.

Never take anything personally.

What others say and do is nothing but a projection of their own reality, of their dream. When you are immunized against all this, you are no longer victim of pointless suffering.

Make no suppositions

Have the courage to ask questions and express your real desires. Communicate clearly with others to avoid bitterness, misunderstandings and dramas. This covenant alone can transform your life.

Always do your best

Your best changes from moment to moment, whatever the circumstances, just do your best and you'll avoid self-judgement, self-guilt and regrets.

In summary

Only say what can be repeated to others without blushing. Learn to hold your tongue; it's better than hurling out negative criticism.

Don't take what others say and do, even if it concerns you, personally. Everyone speaks, acts and reacts in relation to themselves, to what they believe, what they want, what they expect of you but you should not let the words and actions of others perturb you in any way. This is not you, don't take this for being yourself.

Before judging the situation, take all measures, ask any questions that cross your mind and to those directly concerned. Don't listen to rumour... there is nothing worse!

Giving the very best of yourself in each situation is the only thing to do to be at peace with yourself. Help, support others, listen to them, as best as possible.


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