"This magazine is intended as a new frontier, an island outpost, an inspiring place where the immateriality and creativity of our satellites talents from industry and materialism thrive. A space of reflection where the hordes can feast before facing their reality. A refuge of expression. It wants to be creative, turned towards the exterior and tomorrow, the heart and soul.


It addresses naturally, for its first edition, the theme of exhibitionism, of relationship with the other, of the need to show, thus to exist, thus to create. It sows the seeds of desire for new horizons, in ourselves firstly, and we hope, somewhere in you."

A haven and a meeting place
for and with our partners

Each week, Exil is sent to our customers, our partners, anyone who is curious, anyone who is committed and who wants to give a sense of meaning to their projects.

For this first issue, we who "give to see" in daily life and through our different vocations, have chosen to address the theme of exhibitionism and to evoke all these multiple facets in ten or so in-depth articles such as:

- Exhibitionism or the fantasy of transparency

- Events 2.0

- XXL exhibitionism

- Photography and exhibitionism

- Exhibition Booth

- ...

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