Anyone whose uses stretch fabric on aluminum frames knows how stressful it is to install graphics at their events on the weekend, abroad, in front of their clients or at their sale stands at night.

Digital printers currently experience chronic sizing problems, due to the extensibility of fabrics and also to the sublimation printing technique, in which formats are regularly inconsistent.


That was before!

Your graphics could have been too short and difficult to put in place, resulting in significant installation delays: if the fabric is insufficiently stretched, in which case the installers have to find ways to adjust the graphics in situ, or if the graphics are not suitable for specific installations, such as cubes, horizontal settings, door panels, and so on.

Our grids for calculating cutting formats now have a 97% accuracy rate. Production is increasingly complex. Textiles are increasingly technical (waterproof, diffusing, acoustic, etc.) and therefore more or less extensible.

The manufacture of stretch fabric has taken off in all sectors of activity. Our lead times are shorter and shorter. Clients are, rightly, more and more demanding, and the slightest defect in quality can become a catastrophe.

As we are positioned as real partners, we have to find a solution that ensures that the success of our professional clients' projects are not jeopardized by a lack of accuracy in the sizing of the printed media that we produce.

We have therefore designed and developed the ideal tool: An Automated Test Structure.

A new dimension has arrived !

The development of this new industrial tool is the result of many years' experience in the manufacture of fabric media with elastic beading. A basic prototype had already been made in our workshops. This structure was fully manual and was designed to fix the dimensions of the new media in order to fine tune calculation tables that would be used in everyday production. 

However, we had to go further than simply carrying out an exceptional test of a new material so that we could reliably and very rapidly check the majority of our production on a large and industrial scale.

We therefore focused our efforts on the concept, design and production of this new test structure, which is unique in France. It driven by a control panel, and rapidly and accurately informs the formats that we want to test.

The structure positions itself with powerful electric motors that move an aluminum structure.

Its 710 x 310cm format is impressive. A system of cables and counterweights ensure complete rigidity over more than 7 meters in length without any flexing, with a formidable precision of more or less than 1mm in height and width.

The key component is most certainly the mobile vertical section which has chain-mounted aluminum profile for choosing the height of the frame to be tested.

This piece of equipment was especially conceived and designed by our R&D department for the Exhibit Group, and represents an investment of over €80,000. Its sole purpose is to guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the graphics that we supply to our clients and to ensure that the fabric media with beading will always meet their expectations.

Apart from the energy and significant production cost of this structure, testing graphics still requires time.

The ExhiPro “Gold Guarantee”

Today, thanks to our Automated Test Structure, we are the most reliable printer on the market. With it, we can adjust our calculation grids and regularly check the series. It has therefore proved to be an integral production tool.

You can now enjoy our “Gold Guarantee” for your most delicate products:

_For only 1€/ml of stitching, we can systematically check all your graphics.

_We carry out a last visual check of your media and approve them.

_We will also add protective gloves to your order for the installers’ use to ensure that the graphics are protected when they are being handled.

_We also ensure the compliance of the media using the Test Structure with a discrete gold test strip.


For an extra €1/ml, we also offer users of BeMatrix or Aluvision-type multi-card structures the option of having notches inserted between frames and reinforcing the beading stitches. This meticulous work, which is carried out in our workshops, will ensure that your installers can work quickly and efficiently.

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