Both for events specialists and decoration and design professionals, organization, production and installation lead times are often important... but extremely tight.

Even if a certain number of elements and constraints can be anticipated in advance, decisions are put further and further back, timescales are found to be shorter and shorter, the submission of print files are at the last minute, client decision are often pending... and more so than ever, the presence of a reactive and versatile engineer to support professionals is a guarantee for their successful sales development.

Deadline management is a constraint that is found in all types of activities but it is of major importance in the events sector. Even if industrial processes are invented to gain time and improve quality, you must always adapt for each event and confront various constraints inherent in the organization. This involves a regular flow of new, unanticipated information, forcing you to reconsider the preparation stages in order to respect the fateful date.

In addition, the multiplicity of service providers, external factors, their synchronization and last-minute hitches add supplementary stress and regularly force people to work under pressure.

A solution: proximity!

ExhiPro responds to these challenges with intelligent localization of its production hubs, which are located very close to the largest congress and exhibition centres in France, one in the Paris region and the other one in the PACA region, thus offering considerable time-savings.

In addition to this geographical localization, ExhiPro disposes of very considerable material stock, allowing a very quick response to any request.

Our workshops are also open over a vast majority of weekends in the year, thus boosting our production reactivity.


Saint-Ouen (93) - Paris region


_Digital and sublimation printing on flexible and rigid supports

_Finishing and stitching

Carros (06) - PACA region


_Digital and sublimation printing on flexible and rigid supports

_Finishing and stitching

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