The full impact of our activities on environmental matters (waste, energy, water, air, noise, soil, landscape) has been evaluated based on the criteria of severity, frequency, containment and conformity to ensure the lasting commitment of the group.
Our indicators are determined in the light of our global CSR policy and our commitment vis-à-vis our stakeholders. Annual action plans let us control global CSR performance.

An eco-responsible approach

For its Print activity, the Exhibit Group generates 175 tonnes of waste, of which 69 tonnes are sorted/recycled, recovered.
100% of SIW (Special Industrial Waste) has an adapted chain with systematic issuance of industrial waste tracking slip: ink, packaging, soiled cloths, neon tubes, W3E, batteries, accumulators, etc.
An area is reserved on sites (skips and tanks) for directly sorting our SIW.
17 CIW flows (Commonplace industrial waste) are sorted on our production sites.
Veolia is our privileged partner for recycling.
We do not use water in our production processes, which reduces the danger of discharges into the environment.
We reduce risks associated with liquid chemical products (new or used) by stocking them in an adapted area sheltered from storms and in retaining tanks.
Air extracted from our printing machines is regularly analyzed (Bureau Veritas) to control outgoing flows. The results are in conformity with the legislation in effect.
We work in cooperation with the occupational health and safety service in order to implement the adapted preventive measures for dangerous substances that we use.
With the exception of the TurboJet, all of our large format digital printing machine pool is 100% solvent-free: UV, aqueous ink, dye sublimation.
Each year, commitments are made to increase the energy performance of our buildings and installations in order to reduce our energy consumption: -22% in 4 years.
We are favouring more and more electric vehicles in our fleet: +25%.

International, recognized framework of reference for the environmental management system, ISO14001 is based on the principle of continual improvement and its priority is to identify, check and reduce the environmental footprint of companies.
For its sites dedicated to large format digital printing (Saint-Ouen 93 & Carros 06), the Exhibit Group started a certification procedure in 2011 and was certified in 2014 by Bureau Veritas.

CSR Policy

We adopted a CSR approach a number of years ago and formalized it with the CSR Group policy in 2016.
We reviewed it in 2018 and specified priority actions in 5 areas.

See the group policy
An eco-design project
of solidarity

Aware of the difficulties of introducing our waste into a virtuous cycle, we regularly seek creative solutions through conventional waste recycling chains or group projects.
At the end of several collective intelligence meetings organized by local actors, we conceived and prioritized the Ex'up project, designed to create furniture and decorative objects brand made from flexible and rigid waste generated by our production or recycling of communication supports after use.
This project is part of a regional dynamic, in collaboration with local partners (ESAT, other manufacturers, schools, etc.) and led by one of our passionate employees, a product designer by training.

Ex'up objectives aim, above all, to:
For the Print production sites in Saint Ouen and Carros, the Exhibit Group has been brand owner of Imprimvert® since 2008.
A range of eco-designed mediums

We seek and offer on an ongoing basis new types of eco-friendly mediums: recycled 100% PET canvases, cardboard boxes, wood, etc. We are also able to provide Ecocert Greenlife conformity certificates for some of these products.

Printed with our aqueous inks and collected after use for recycling, these solutions offer a virtuous alternative to conventional mediums.

In parallel, we are developing a Responsible Procurement charter together with our suppliers, based on a internal points system promoting audited and certified structures, the establishment of monitored CSR policies, European production and traceability of materials.

A recyling

The printing of conventional PVC banners generates at a European level more than 500,000 tonnes of PVC waste, which corresponds to 125 times the volume of the Eiffel Tower. A minute part is recycled (0.05%), i.e 1 out of 2,000 banners.

Although no official French chain is operational for mechanical recycling of flexible PVC mediums, we organize for some of our customers recycling of PVC mediums with a German partner in order to promote their eco-citizen initiative along with their stakeholders. This solution lets us substantially reduce the amount of CIW in our activities.

U.N. Global Compact

Since 2012, the Exhibit Group is signatory of the U.N. Global Compact charter which unites companies, organizations, U.N agencies, the world of work and civil society around 10 universally recognized principles to build more stable and inclusive societies.

Discover the Global Compact charter, the Communication on progress 2023 of Exhibit Group (and all previous versions).

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