ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS), the pivot point for our industrial activity and steering force behind our development. It serves the objectives and strategic orientations of our organization, drawing on our customer orientation, commitment of our teams and its leaders.

Since 2000, the Exhibit Group, through its Exhibit, Exhibit Monaco and Felix&Co subsidiaries, is certified in conformity with version V2015, some innovations of which are listed here:

_Strengthened risk management
_Satisfaction of interested parties monitored and subject to an action plan
_Continuous improvement extended to all Business Units
_System efficiency at the centre of group strategy

Continuous improvement or the hunger for knowledge

The confidence and commitment which all of our employees demonstrate encourage us to confront the problems that we come up against every day, and to learn how to solve them in order to create a profitable learning experience for the entire company.

We believe in the idea that improvement is without limit and that everyone, in their respective roles, can identify the opportunities for perfection and innovation.

With this objective in mind, each team gathers for monthly Quality meetings in order to share experiences and modify our processes.

During these exchanges, we put our basic principles of lean management into practice, among which:

Customer satisfaction is a guiding star

If customer satisfaction is at the centre of all marketing approaches, it is of even more importance for the Exhibit Group with regard to the strong bonds and confidence that we naturally have with all our stakeholders.

We know that a loyal customer is not always satisfied and that a satisfied customer is not necessarily loyal. Just as in friendship, we don't like to let people down and we are not adverse to questioning ourselves.

This is why we organize each year a customer satisfaction survey managed by an external third party in order to get their opinions and to orient our services with the aim of continuous improvement.

Some results from the survey carried out in 2018:

*The Net Promoter Score evaluates customer satisfaction in the long term. The score obtained is considered as correct if it is positive and as excellent from +50 upwards.
Focus on safety

Health and safety in our different environments is a daily priority.

All Exhibit Group employees are trained when they enter the company and receive a safety welcome pack covering the main points concerning:

  • Good manners in the company
  • EPI management
  • Use of machines
  • Handling and physical activity
  • Noise-related risks
  • Fire-related risks (annual training)
  • Falling risks
  • Ambiance risks
  • Chemical products
  • Wood dusts
  • Electric risks
  • Work at height & rope access work
  • Road risks
  • Psychosocial risks
  • Alert procedures
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