Departmental and regional recognition

As the head office of the group is located in the 06 department of France (PACA region of France), our participation in the two awards for SMB CSR policy Paca and 06 was logical, given the grounding of responsible values in the daily lives of our employees. 

We are very happy therefore to have been doubly awarded by winning the SMB CSR Paca Trophy and the CSR 06 Trophy in 2016. The awards were designed to highlight companies who place people, the environment, territoriality and employees at the heart of their preoccupations.


The essential points of the CSR approach

The jury appreciated in particular the fact that the documents prepared for the competition had been approved by the staff representatives and that the entry was submitted by an employee on a permanent contract and a trainee. 

The history of the Exhibit Group also pled in our favour:  ISO 9001 certification since 2003 and ISO 14001 certification in 2014. The environmental component is based in particular on dangerous waste and Commonplace Industrial Waste (cardboard, films, plastics, wood, paper, PVC banners) management at our production sites in the South of France. 

Tangible action to recover PVC banners at the end of their life cycle, including those with customers, in order to stock, compress and dispatch them for recycling, was also appreciated in particular.

Key elements that won over the jury.

The jury underlined the continuity of the CSR plan, despite opposing forces, such as substantial external growth and a change in the governance of the group. 

Another point of major interest: the elaboration, co-built with employees, of the outlook of the Exhibit Group's economic model plotted until 2025. This mobilization was illustrated by the organization of an Open Forum (over 2 days in 2015 and attended by all employees), which enabled the selection of 7 ambitious internal projects around diverse topics (communication, development of new activities, human resources, etc.) 

Lastly, the jury acclaimed our innovative spirit, embodied by the inauguration of a Webshop platform: ExhiShop. Offering a customizable and unlimited catalogue, this platform is a superb procurement and management tool for large format décor printing, linking the internal and external components of different projects.

Thanks to our winning 2 CSR trophies, the Region made a film about our vision of the environment and humans that we are pleased to share.

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