Brand _Bouygues Monaco

Location _Monaco

Year _2017

Experts _Exhibit _ Exhibit Monaco 

Surface area _2,800m2

The art of the Construction Industry

Within the framework of a gigantic offshore extension construction site in Monaco, a 550m long and 5m high anti-noise barrier, running along the Anse du Portier and planned for 3 to 5 years, had to be covered with visuals in order to blend into the background.


Thanks to real cooperation with the promoter, we were able to complete this daunting work site with its technical, safety and lead time challenges.

Our recommendation favoured the production of braced, Isermatic profiled aluminium frames (12x5M) and the use of  bi-material Isemartic grommets lined for better resistance to heat and canvas tension.

We disposed of 15 days to install the system with our teams who had been specially trained on works site safety/security information and equipped with an adapted EPI.


_Work site study and technical recommendation

_Production of KT Isermatic profiled frames

_Printing of mediums


Of noise and colour

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