Brand _Nike X Golden Blocks

Location _Paris 

Year _2018

Experts _Dodeka _Felix&Co

Surface area _500M2

A speedy collab'

Nike associates with Golden Blocks to facilitate access to sport and celebrate running through the Excess Speed concept, all packaged in a promotional framework around their latest baby: the Pegasus Turbo running trainers.

A concept combining team spirit, sportsmanship, celebration and promotion, celebrated at an open-air event in the heart of Paris, mobilizing more than 2,500 people. 


350M2 of space was conceived, produced and installed by teams.

Different zones were highlighted from the tiering to the presentation space for the new trainers as well as various workshops. 


_Conception of an aesthetic project 

_Printing of signage on banners, PVC and adhesive films.

_Placement of structures  

_Installation & deinstallation

From Print to Sprint

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