To help you deploy your communication strategy and manage your printing, we have developed in 2015 a unique solution intended to manage all of your signage online.

Designed for networks, advertising space managers, dealers and professionals, ExhiShop is a procurement and large format printing management tool comprising a customized catalogue which is developed based on your regular needs.

Point of sales network
All your store signage referenced on our dedicated platform. Save time and optimize your organization.
A secure access for franchisees with all products referenced, ensuring conformity with your graphic charter and independence of orders.
Shopping centres
All signage for your shopping centres managed online with the possibility of setting up a maintenance contract for spaces.
Advertising space managers
To manage all your advertising spaces in a few clicks with less risk of medium or format errors.
Stand and space planners and developers
Compile your made-to-measure catalogue: formats, printing mediums, production, accessories. Everything is parametrizable in accordance with your specialities.
Printer agent
Your complete signage catalogue online with speedy RFP processing and files that can be archived for the perfect management of your site.
Professional trade fair organizers
All your event signage products in a database constantly updated to optimize trade fair management.
Unlimited and customizable catalogue

The sitemap is designed with you and the entire catalogue is available online. The platform is suitable for all types of products: made-to-measure or with fixed formats.

Instantaneous price

Your pricing is directly calculated online, therefore saving you time in the processing of your requests or those of your customers.

Real-time tracking

All your actions on Exhishop are transferred in real time to our CRM and printing management system. Processing of your requests is faster and you are informed of their status in real time.


You can give your subsidiaries or franchisees access to a shared catalogue, or alternatively, a specific catalogue for each of them.

Availability and accessibility

You have forgotten to order a product and you are not at your office? You can access the website from any terminal at any time.

On-line management of RFP (Ready For Printing)

Whether you want a graphic creation or RFP, the complete management of your orders is available online, from file transfer to final delivery.


You have a technical question about a medium or about how the website works? You can take advantage of telephone or email support while you are browsing.

Archiving of files

In the case of repeat business files, we can archive them on request and reprint them based on your needs.

100% secure

The ExhiShop platform is only accessible with a login ID and password. It has an SSL certificate and is not indexed by Google. You have the assurance that your products and pricing are only visible to you.

You want to optimize the management of your printed décor orders with our ExhiShop solution?

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