Brand _Zadig & Voltaire

Locations _ France & Europe 

Year _Since 2004 

Experts _Felix&Co _Exhibit

Surface area _500m2 / campaign

Signage management of
Zadig&Voltaire chain stores

The hardest rockers of ready-to-wear need to renew their communication mediums for each new season. Zadig et Voltaire own more than 113 stores and corners in France and export to 29 countries around the world. All their visual communication is managed by the head office, located in Paris. 

The marketing and communication service is in charge of, among other things, providing visuals of the new collections, sales, etc. and programming installation operations in each store with very short and coordinated lead times. 

For collection launches or commercial operation developments, the display windows and certain decoration elements are also renewed before being installed by professionals. 

Zadig&Voltaire orders elements to be produced through the Exhishop webtoprint service for each of its 119 stores and point of sales. 


Each new season has its challenges:

- Respect the demanding chromology of visuals.

- Deploy skills such as printing on several types of mediums (conventional and dye sublimation), realization of light boxes, PoS displays, window displays and decoration

- Produce the different mediums for the entire French network and some points of sale in Europe,

- Organize and coordinate the installations and deinstallations,

The complexity of updating the database is a major problem: opening of new corners or stores, communication space planning and layout, building work... so many changes to enter into the database each day to ensure our service.

With our experience, we have set up an Exhishop platform dedicated to Zadig & Voltaire. Each communication medium for each store and corner is indexed and available online: photos, dimensions, printing materials, everything is there. Installation charges are listed to complete the system in each French or European city. Once the order has been placed, on-line monitoring ensures that delivery and installation dates are respected.

No more need for complicated Excel tables to manage spaces and innumerable emails for monitoring, a simple Internet connection is enough: an incalculable saving of time.  

Our internal teams in Paris and the South of France take charge of installation operations. We have carefully developed in parallel a network of trained installers and respecting our charter of good practices.



_Print multiple mediums and formats (Adhesive film, Foex, Dibond, Backlight canvas, etc.)

_Dye sublimation

 _Light boxes 

_Theatralization of sales points


_Internal and network of installers


Zadig & Voltaire Amsterdam
Zadig & Voltaire Paris canvas backlight

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