Brand _Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

Location _Cannes 

Year _Since 2008 

Experts _Exhibit

Global management of the signage for a mythic congress centre

The Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès hosts 50 events in 35,000M2 of exhibition space each year. A multitude of communication spaces are also available outdoors as well as on 7 indoor levels of the Palais. 300 employees on permanent contracts ensure the expert management of the events.


The Palais des Festivals, for whom we have managed signage since 2008, is confronted with 2 major problems:

- The complexity of keeping the database of the constantly evolving spaces up to date (plotting and changes of dimensions, etc.)

- Signage order tracking, managed by several projects managers at the same time

At each new show, the challenges are the same:

- Management of extremely short lead times, related to the very nature of trade fairs.

- Deployment of expertise and heavy exhibit productions,

- Organization and coordination of installation and deinstallation operations before, during and after the trade fairs, involving surface areas of several hundred square metres that need rope access installation techniques or cranes for conventional signage, covering of flooring, etc.

Keen to help the Palais des Festivals in the management of its global signage, we installed an Exhishop platform in order to achieve a better flow of the intense activity generated by a trade fair. Each communication medium is indexed and available online: photos, dimensions, printing materials, everything is there. On-line order tracking is available at any time, from the transmission of dispatch notes to the installation of products, even RFP validation. More than 700 orders thus flow more smoothly through the system.

A large team of installers are then assigned to the Palais in order to manage the installation of all mediums, in close collaboration with the venue's employees.



_Multiple medium and format printing 

 _Indoor installation

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