Exhibit SAS is the group originator. The adventure started in 1991 with initial investments in the first printing and press machines, and the creation of a processing workshop. The emblematic structure of the group, dedicated to large format digital printing, was born.
Today, our teams produce printwork on the most recent materials on the market using optimized processes, from DTP to deinstallation of obsolete communication mediums.
Exhibit also has a creative and flexible service dedicated to PoS displays as well as an integrated installation service, trained for large-scale projects and specific needs for events.


Project study
  • Technical advice
  • Prototyping
  • DTP
  • 4500m2 of workshops
  • All formats digital printing and all mediums
  • PoS display
  • Posters
  • Polystyrene
  • Production of wooden and metallic frames
  • Paint booth
  • Laser and mechanical die-cutting
  • Heat welding
  • Stitching
  • Preparation and dispatching
On-site activities
  • Assembly
  • Installation
  • Finishings
  • Deinstallation
Creation courtyard

Let's play, be inventive, let our imaginations run wild until they're out of breath, invent what does not yet exist, dream of change, produce the impossible, create the improbable. Together...

Large format workshops

To meet demand in terms of productivity and finishing for mediums of several hundred m2, Exhibit disposes of a production service of 4,500 m2.
The production lines, depending on the mediums, follow an optimized path in order to meet all requirements with the shortest delivery times.
Our printing systems are chosen from among the world's market leaders and allow us to work at high resolutions with up to 5 metre long rollers.

A showcase market: events

Exhibit has many lines of business but is especially present in the events sector, with integral management of signage for several conference centres and trade fairs. We have developed a material stock, numerous processes and an indispensable reactivity to the requirements stemming from this market, which include both the deployment of signage destined for several hundred spaces and indoor and outdoor XXL displays, all with extremely short delivery times.

Dye sublimation

We are convinced that dye sublimation will progressively replace conventional printing in sensitive indoor or public applications with large and extra large format mediums. This technique gives excellent restitution (resolution, "mass dyed" colour density), lightness for very large formats and above all major environmental advantages as the inks used are aqueous, odourless and do not emit VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds.
In order to respond to numerous markets that use very demanding printing technique, we have developed specific know-how and opted for latest generation 3.20m indirect and 5m direct (6 colours) made visible by calendering printing machines. We have also developed a stitching workshop adapted to the specific needs of fabric mediums.

We exhibit!

Our realizations

Our realizations
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