Brand _Monte Carlo Société des Bains de mer

Location _Monaco

Year _2014

Partner _Moving Design

Experts _Exhibit _ Exhibit Monaco_Pixeolab

Surface area _300M2

A colossal project
for the Société des Bains de Mer

In October 2014, the "Wonderful Pavilions" opened on the Casino square in Monaco: five temporary buildings housing 22 Monte Carlo luxury brand names.

To hide this substantial construction site, Moving Design designed the global concept and called on our services to perform the technical study, production and mounting of a 300M2 metal structure covered with stretched PVC canvases as well as the integration of 2 LED screens of 23M2 and 34M2, all in record time.



Moving Design chose to work with the Exhibit Group as it was looking for a reliable partner, capable of producing in just 6 weeks a project as complex as the one they had created themselves. We were responsible for the technical and production aspects in a difficult zone situated in the heart of Monte-Carlo.

Our solicited skills encompassed different disciplines: printing of the trompe l’œil, installation of the stretched banner, placement and installation of LED screens, global management of the work site with regard to engineering, joinery, electricity, etc.

The history of the Wonderful Windows reflects a true meeting of minds and joint efforts to give a sense of meaning to the project. All-round involvement, substantial investments and a meeting with a talented agency.


_Technical conception of the project with our design office 

_Project ownership

_Production of a metal structure covered with a printed banner

_Placement, installation and management of media for 2 x 57M2 LED screens

Wondrous UFO
Unidentified Fence Object

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