Brand _Omega

Location _Monaco 

Year _2016

Partner _Athem

Expert _Exhibit Monaco 

Light hoardings for a prestigious work site

During work realized at the Casino de Monte Carlo, Omega entrusted us with the realization of innovating hoardings.



The task was to emphasize the technology and the watch face of the Globemaster, made by the famous watchmaker.

By means of integrating an extra flat, made-to-measure light box, conceived and realized in our workshops, into the hoardings, we were able to put the spotlight on the workings of this little jewel. The precision work, both in terms of realization of the display and its installation, matched that of the watchmaker somewhat.


_Conception of an extra flat light box

_Joinery of the hoardings

_Printing of PVC banner medium

_Electrical connection

_Installation & deinstallation

Object of desire

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