Brand _ Lancel

Location _Paris

Year _2018

Experts _Exhibit _Dodeka _Felix&Co

Partner _Agence Punk

Surface area _108M2

Realization of window displays for Flagship Store Lancel Opera
in collaboration with Agence Punk

The theatralization of a new collection is always an occasion for the famous luxury leather goods business to stage its window displays. Concept creation is managed by Agence Punk and the Exhibit Group is in charge of printing and installation for several points of sale, including the Paris Opéra flagship store.

For this operation, we performed total covering of the façade with continuity of the outdoor design running into the window displays with the objective of creating a blending illusion on several levels.


For printing, the demanding chromology of the design required specific colour calibration for printing with UV ink on transparent, white, adhesive film. The window display background panels were wood-crafted in our workshops, as well as the steles.  

The complex alignment of outdoor and indoor designs during installation, in order to achieve anamorphosis, needed 2 teams and 2 cradles in order to quickly install the 2 façades and then align the indoor designs with the window display backgrounds and steles. One night was necessary for planning and layout of the entire installation.


_Specific colour calibration

_UV printing on white and transparent adhesive films

_Production of wood-crafted panels and steles

_Floorings and window display covering 

_Installation & deinstallation

Stripes are beautiful

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