Brand _Monte Carlo Société des Bains de mer

Location _Casino de Monte Carlo

Year _2018

Experts _Exhibit Monaco _Exhibit

Layout and design of a surrealist maze
for the Société des Bains de Mer

It's in a dynamic of celebration of games that the Société des Bains de Mer proposed a surrealist composition to its guests in the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo

The project focused on the realization of a maze of giant cards in a short time frame comprising the conception, technical study and installation. The maze space, called "A-Maze", was highlighted by astonishing and immersive elements. 


The creative challenge of the project, by our Studio Design, was identified from the outset in our first graphic proposals, to be the need to completely redesign each card due to copyright issues. 

After modelling 3D views of the space to validate site limitations, our design office focused on the creation of giant cards and their floor attachment system, taking into account the intrinsic safety constraints of the location.

A prototype was created for validation.

The realization of a raised floor was necessary to increment the card attachment system made of printed 10mm PVC panels.

Our teams were in charge of installation and deinstallation.


_Conception of a space and creation of visuals

_3D project modelling 

_Realization of a prototype 

_Production and installation of a raised floor

_Printing and production of giant cards in 10mm UV Print PVC Panels 

_Installation & deinstallation 

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