Brand _Fnac Live Festival 

Location _Paris 

Year _2018

Expert _Felix & Co 

Surface area _1,000M2

Creation of the Fnac Live Festival 2018 - 2019 scenography

The retail leader of cultural products organizes its music festival on the parvis of the Paris Hôtel de Ville every year. Its programme attracted 90,000 people in 2018.

The scenography of the festival is a key element that leads directly to the immersion of the public as well as to the development of FNAC's image.

We were selected in a competitive tender to create the "Pump up the volume and event signage" design concept.


Our Design Studio opted for a "by-the-sea" atmosphere, which was achieved using driftwood in a laid-back concept, visible in various concert areas (partners/VIP areas, bar, reception area, etc.)

Our workshops undertook the realization of event structures and the printing of different communication mediums.

The event was mounted by our teams in 3 days. 


_Conception of the scenography which is renewable over 2 years 

_Production of a 10 x 4.7m wood-crafted Photocall with décors in driftwood.

Covering of lighting truss with duckboard

_Bannered structures

_Conception & production of sign with integrated illumination 

_Covering of structures and rigging tower

_Assembly & disassembly 

Pump up the volume

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